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Project Centre Help

The Project Centre Control Panel

The Project Centre shows the current project as a list of items along with links to other projects and previous quotes arranged on the left hand side.

If no project is currently selected, a new blank project is shown instead. This consists of nothing more than a temporary title "New Project" and doesn't really become 'live' until you add an item to it. After you have started adding items you can edit the project title and add a description.

project centre control panel

Adding products to the Project Centre

As you browse through the site you can add products to the current project by clicking the ADD button at the top of the product tables. This pops up a box for you to choose options for the item and to specify a quantity. You can also add any notes that might be useful.

adding an item to the project centre

Items are added to the current project at the top of the list.
You can use the links on the right hand side to edit items and also to edit the project title and description.

adding an item to the project centre

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