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Quote Request Help

Requesting a quote

When you have finished adding items to a project it is time to "freeze" the project and turn it into a quotation request. You start this process by clicking on the QUOTE button. You need to be logged in to send a quote request, which means you need an account on the site. If you need help with setting this up, please click the sign-up help link on the left. Otherwise, continue below.

project centre control panel

Submitting the quote request

Clicking QUOTE brings you to this page, where all you have to do is give a location for the project (e.g. town, country) and any notes you think might be helpful. When you have entered these, click REQUEST QUOTE. This converts your project into a quote request and you can access it in future by clicking its link on the lower left hand side under "Your Quotes".

We will reply to you by phone or email with a quotation for your project and help and advice about how we can take things further.

adding an item to the project centre

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