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How the site works
While browsing through the products section (1) you add items to your project (2) in the manner of adding items to a shopping basket, except in this case you're building a project for us to quote for.

When you have completed the project you submit it to us (3) so we can provide you with a quotation. Doing this requires you to set up an account on the site but don't worry, this only takes a few moments. Once you have signed up you use the Project Centre to run as many projects as you need.

You can find further help on different aspects of the site by clicking the links on the left.

three easy steps

If you're not keen on signing up, that's absolutely fine - you can still browse the site and build a project. Your project is saved automatically and you only have to sign up when you want us to get involved!

Note: until you sign up, auto-save only works if you return to the site using the same computer.
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