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This is a blank project ready to add items to.
For help click the question mark below or check out the help pages using the Help link on the left.


New Project [16-07-2024]  
This project has no items in it. You can add items from the product section.

Alternatively, use the project links on the left to load and edit previous projects (login required).

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Quote Request

Enter details of the project in the boxes here then press


This converts your project to a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quotation for your project.


Project Edit

These links allow you to edit the title of the project and add a comment.


Alternatively you can delete the project, or clone it to use as a starting point for another project (account needed).


Item Edit

These links allow you to edit or remove individual project items.



Move/Copy Items

Items in one project may be moved or copied to another project.


Items in the project now have select boxes above their edit/remove buttons.


Select which items you wish to move or copy to another project.


The destination project is selected using the drop-sown box on the right.



New Project

This page is where you add products in a list to build up your project.


At the moment your project is empty and consists solely of this heading - New Project plus today's date. You can edit the project name and add a description once you have added an item to it.


When you have added all the items you need you can send the project to us and request a quotation.


Advanced Controls

Click this link to show move/copy options on the right. These allow you to move or copy items from one project to another and are hidden by default.